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Designer Chairs


We offer you 25 years of experience in the field of metal processing.


Design, execution,  small series production, as well as prototype development. 
Exceptional flexibility has always distinguished our work and is the key guide of our
company, as well as expertise, which allows us, together with craftsmen specialized in
the processing of wood, glass, composite materials and resins, using fabrics or leather,
to produce both semi-finished products and fully finished products.
A team of engineers and architects available to develop your ideas and optimize
production costs.

Kolekcija Nora

The NORA Collection

Collection Made of iron with compact HPL top, especially suitable for outdoor use. An aluminium version is available for use near the sea.


Dimensions are fully customisable on request.

fACTA table

Top made of HPL compact, metal base, legs made of solid wood. Suitable for any use.


Dimensions are fully customisable on request.

We offer you

Bending of pipes and profiles

Pipe bending is a process that allows the pipe to be deformed into a desired shape. This type of cold-worked mechanical process requires the use of special machines. We own two bending units with fixed and variable radius.
We can perform the following bending of metal pipes:

  • bending of steel pipes

  • bending brass pipes

  • bending of aluminum pipes

  • bending of copper pipes


Metal pipe processing is very useful, especially in sectors that require
customized metal structures and accessories.
This processing allows the production of custom metal products for various
sectors such as the furniture and marine sectors, components for the
HO.RE.CA sector, pipes for liquids and gases and various other

Krivljenje cevi
Mehko lotanje

Welding services

  • MIG welding

  • TIG welding

  • Brass brazing

Grinding and polishing services

Execution on steel and aluminum.


Design and prototyping services

Thanks to our team of engineers and architects, we can help you with
product development, advise you on production techniques and optimize
production costs, and design and prototype new products for you.

Metal processing

We carry out metal processing and transformations on our own or processing
under contract, mainly in iron, aluminium and stainless steel, through the manufacture and realization of structures and bases for tables, bases and frames for chairs, fittings, metal components, metal accessories for furniture.

We produce and manufacture staircases in metal, metal and wood, metal and glass, parapets, railings and balustrades, pergolas and shelters as well as light  steelwork, also turnkey works.

Cutting process

We provide cutting processes for tubes and metal profiles, bending and shaping of tubes and rods, plane laser cutting, 3D laser cutting for tubes, TIG - MIG welding, metal plate bending.

Transform other material brass or aluminium

We also work and transform other materials such as brass, aluminum, corten.

Spray and powder coating

We offer various types of painting services, from powder coating to spray
painting, a wide selection of galvanic finishes, and other special processes.

Wide experience in prototyping

We ensure a wide experience in prototyping process, in the design and production engineering  activity along with the client for the product optimization, offering solutions and availability both for small series and large quantities.


  • Chairs, chair bases and frames

  • Tables, table bases and structures

  • Metal furniture

  • Occasional furniture

  • Elements of furniture and machinery equipment

  • Stairs

  • Balusters

  • Parapets and railings

  • Entrance gates

  • Patio door

  • Windows lattices

  • Platform roofs and porch roofs

  • Metal shades and pergolas

  • Lightweight steel constructions

  • Contractual processing


  • Iron

  • Stainless steel

  • Nautical steel

  • Aluminum

  • Brass

  • Corten





Ograje, stopnice

Railings and stairs

Ostali izdelki

Other products

Commissioned projects